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Diagnosis and Therapy


Chronic Diseases

Particularly in the case of chronic diseases - often in cases in which school medicine knows no further - Chinese Medicine offers good chances for recovery. All diseases that cause pain, joint ailments, migraine and back problems as well as chronic inflammatory diseases such as Colitis ulcerosa/Morbus Crohn, fibromyalgia and polyneuropathy can be successfully treated.

Therapeutic Chances

How far has the disease advanced? To what extent have organs been damaged? Is the patient willing to become involved in the therapy? Therapeutic chances depend on these factors. A critical factor is the continuous intake of medicines, particularly analgesics (pain relievers), anti-inflammatory drugs and hormone preparations. They not only harbour risks because of their side effects, they are obstacles on the road to improvement and recovery

Staying in the Hospital

In more severe cases, staying in the hospital is a necessity. This is the only possible way to give the intensive medical care that is necessary when Chinese Herbal Medicine is used in cases of serious illness. The physician has an opportunity to investigate the individual case history of the disease all the way back to its beginnings and continuously control and refine the treatment concept that has been coordinated to the patient. For the patient, staying in the hospital provides the peace and quiet that he needs to reorient himself. Uncovering and awakening the undamaged sides of his life force is an important part of the healing process.
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