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The Klinik am Steigerwald treats patients according to the
methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine
These are supplemented by
methods of the naturopathy tradition of the West
The clinic borrowed from modern medical care the
therapeutic counselling and the basic program of school medicine
 Chinese diagnostics
 Chinese Herbal Medicine
 Moxibustion (warming of acupuncture points)
 Lymph drainage according to Dr. Vodder
 Psychotonics according to Prof. Glaser (respiratory therapy)
 Shiatsu (Japanese massage technique)
 Tuina (Chinese massage technique)
 Acupoint massage according to Penzel
 Craniosacral therapy (bodywork)
 Reflex zone therapy of the feet according to Marquardt
 Qigong (meditation exercises)
 Diatetics (dietotherapy)
 Therapeutic counselling
 Basic program of school medicine
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