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Illnesses are recognised by their external signs. The state of the skin, tongue, pulse, excretions, etc. - everything is important. This also includes the prehistory of the illness, the question "Which illnesses has the patient already had"? Chinese diagnostics is a finely tuned instrument for such interrelated causalities.

History of Illnesses

How did the patient react to infections in the past? Our physicians take this questions very seriously. The key to understanding a serious, chronic illness often lies far in the past, sometimes even in early childhood.

Body Signals

The state of the tongue and pulse are two of the most important sources for diagnosis. These portray the inner condition of the body. The state of the surface of the tongue and the body of the tongue as well as the character of the pulse reveal whether a cold blockade is present.

Diagnostics Accompany Therapy

The establishment of the diagnosis does not end with the beginning of therapy. The state of all visible body surfaces and excretions change during the course of therapy. These visible signs give the physician, who continuously monitors the course of therapy, information for precise controlling the therapy.
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