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Recognising the Body's Fine Signals

Chinese diagnostics always understand organs that have become ill and individual symptoms as a part of a whole, the balance of which is disturbed. As a result, it must discern the manifold signals that the body and mind send in critical situations. We take a lot of time for this important work. We specifically ask about the type and prehistory of disorders, nutritional habits, excretions, perception of temperature and emotional stress.

Watching for Switches That Have Been Set Early

Chinese medicine always understands organs that have become ill and individual symptoms as a part of a whole system, the balance of which is disturbed.
Of special interest to us are childhood diseases and other infections, even if they were long in the past. During childhood, the organism learns how to deal with influences that cause illness. Whether and how the body has learned this lesson can be seen by the type of defence reactions it takes.
Switches are often set early on that can lead to serious illnesses later.

Perceiving the Body's Signals

With its special understanding of illness, Chinese diagnostics can recognise causes of illness that are not taken into consideration in Western medicine. Pulse and tongue diagnosis also help here since they receive finer body signals. For example, they reveal blockages in the internal flow of energy through hidden states of tension or "cold". Chinese pulse diagnosis not only discerns the rhythm of the heart and heart frequency but also tactile qualities - is pulsation soft, slippery, narrow, superficial or deep? Chinese diagnostics are very exact and can distinguish more than thirty pulsation qualities alone at the sites on the wrist where they are felt.
Along with Eastern diagnostic methods, general physical examinations and basic examinations of Western medicine such as laboratory diagnostics and ECG are routinely carried out in the clinic.

Precise Control of Therapy

Along with thorough examination, the main focus of our work is the close attention given by the physician to the daily course of the therapy. These finely meshed diagnostics are the basis of effective treatment. They provide a permanent control of success and lead to an individual therapy strategy that is coordinated to the patient.
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