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Dear Visitor,


The Klinik am Steigerwald evolved during the middle of the nineties through the concerted efforts of doctors, therapists and patients. They were brought together by their conviction - in view of the painfully experienced limits of conventional medicine - that is was necessary to take new roads for the treatment of chronically ill patients. Particularly patients who have experienced the efficacy of Chinese Medicine themselves have made a considerable contribution in constructing and financing the clinic.

For more than twenty years now we have been intensively occupied with the treasury of methods in Chinese Medicine. We deem it a central task to further develop this treasure and adapt it to circumstances in Europe, a reason why research and continuing education are of great importance at the clinic. The results of this work confirm an old lesson: only when diagnosis and therapy keep sight of the entire individual, and only if the self-healing powers of the individual can be brought to successfully respond, is it possible to achieve healing or lasting relief.
With this basically simple but central insight, we stand in the tradition of European naturopathy.
Sincerely yours,
Christian Schmincke
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