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What distinguishes the Klinik am Steigerwald from other "China clinics"?


The clinic thanks its existence to the initiative of a group of German physicians that had successfully implemented Chinese Medicine - particularly Chinese phytotherapy - in their surgeries. In the case of patients with intractable diseases, they often stood against insurmountable obstacles. In many cases, a real chance for lasting improvement is only possible within the scope of stationary care.

Chinese Medicine for the Western world

Chinese Medicine serves as an orientation. With this background, a new therapy concept is being developed. The physicians at the clinic modify Chinese Medicine to meet the requirements of modern health care and the constitution of the local patients.

Integration of Biological Therapies

A number of biological therapies according to the main principles of Chinese medicine have been integrated into the therapy concept.

Special Clinic for Chronic Illnesses

The clinic mainly treats patients with chronic diseases and intractable illnesses. The clinic is not a wellness clinic.

Coordination of Stationary Therapy
with Ambulant Follow-up Treatment

The clinic is bedded in a network of ambulant medical practices and organises ambulant follow-up treatment within the scope of the therapy course taken.

The Physicians -
Knowledgeable in Western and Chinese Medicine

The physicians that work at the clinic have been trained in Western as well as Chinese Medicine.

Cooperation with Professional Associations

The clinic works closely with scientific institutions e.g. the Gesellschaft für die Dokumentation von Erfahrungsmaterial der chinesischen Arzneitherapie mbH (DECA) [Institute for the Documentation of Empirical Material in Chinese Herbal Medicine - a private limited company] and the Lehrinstitut für Psychotonik [Teaching Institute for Phychotonics] in Zürich, Switzerland.

Participation in a Pilot Study to Cultivate Medicinal Chinese Herbs

The clinic cooperates in a pilot study to cultivate medicinal Chinese herbs in Germany that is being undertaken by the Institut für Pflanzenbau und Pflanzenzüchtung der Bayerischen Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft (LfL Pflanzenbau) [Institute for Crop Science and Plant Breeding, Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture] under the direction of Prof. Dr. Bomme.

Two-year Documentation of Treatment Results

The Scientific Documentation Department of the clinic cooperates with a highly recognized biometrics specialist at the University of Ulm, Prof. Dr. Gaus. The results of treatment are documented for a period of two years after discharge from the clinic.
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