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Clinic Funding Body


Clinic Funding Body   Klinik am Steigerwald GmbH & Co. KG
Zentrum für Biologische Heilverfahren und Chinesische Medizin
[Center for Biological Treatment and Chinese Medicine]
97447 Gerolzhofen
Director: Dr. Christian Schmincke
Limited Partnership Gerolzhofen
Registry Court Schweinfurt HRA 1685; HRB 2826

The Klinik am Steigerwald was founded on the initiative of physicians organized in DECA – Gesellschaft für die Dokumentation von Erfahrungsmaterial der Chinesischen Arzneitherapie [Institute for the Documentation of Empirical Material in Chinese Herbal Medicine]. The physicians are out-patient medical practitioners that employ the therapy methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine and are oriented to the disease models of this tradition. They joined forces, founding the DECA a good ten years ago, to establish research and reformulate Chinese herbal medicine on the basis of empirical data. As a result of their therapeutic work, the desire for a clinic arose to which they could refer patients that required stationary treatment. The clinic opened in 1996.
The funding body of the clinic is a limited partnership with 55 partners. Some of the partners are DECA physicians; others are the patients of these physicians. Therapists from other directions such as physical therapists also participate and businessmen in the region support the clinic as well.
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