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Care and Time

Allowing Healing Powers to Develop

In the Klinik am Steigerwald, traditional nursing activities play an important role. All of the nurses are skilled in the use of the great variety of naturopathy methods such as packs and compresses, biological embrocations, foot and hand baths as well as sleeping pills and pain relievers on an herbal basis. They not only take care of daily nursing duties but also look after patients' well-being. This ranges from helping with daily activities such as walking exercises, taking the time to talk to patients and accompanying them on walks, all the way to nursing patients that are in need of intensive care
Our treatments require time and lead to results that are lasting.


Most therapies need time to develop their full effectiveness, the reason why "creative pauses" between treatments are also very important. During this time, therapeutic impulses can pulsate through the patient, allowing him to get used to the physiological changes and integrate these at his own pace.
There are 8 physicians, 7 physical therapists and a nursing staff of 12 for the approximately 40 patients. This means that we can take a lot of time for each individual patient.

Time for Talks

Another main pillar of treatment is the talks that take place between the physician and patient during daily visits. If patients understand what is happening during the course of therapy, they can actively participate in the healing process. If indicated, accompanying psychotherapy is also possible.
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